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Grato is a group of companies that operates in different economic sectors and encompasses various business enterprises. Currently companies of Grato are engaged in business activities in financial services, real estate, construction materials, hospitality, agriculture and retail sectors of Georgian economy.  On financial side, Grato provides foreign and local investors with co-investment or partnership opportunities as well as, with full financial services that including identifying investment opportunities through feasibility studies, providing fund raising (funding), developing and assisting in growing of projects with the help of local professionals and partners, solving bureaucratic obstacles and assist with compliance of local financial and legal requirements. We offer investors a range of exclusive, profitable projects. With our vast network of contacts, reliable reputation and local connections, our team of professionals will help investors reach the success they expect in projects.

Grato Passage

Grato Passage was developed by the Grato Group in 2010. Grato is an A class office building and retail space located in the heart of Tbilisi. Its modern design uniquely suits the old-city’s architectural aesthetic. Grato Passage’s current tenants include the top brands and companies in Georgia. Grato Passage, which spans 12 000 square meters and eight floors, provides its tenants with a wide range of amenities and ample parking.

Grato Light

Grato Light is a lighting company that provides its clients and partners with the world’s most advanced LED lightingtechnology from manufacturers like CREE and GRIVEN. Grato Light’s largest project is Tbilisi’s iconic TV Tower, which is located high atop Mtatsminda Mountain visible from all part of the city. The tower is fitted with advanced, high-quality LED units. Additionally, Grato Light is responsible for convertingthe lights in all of Georgia’s railway stations from traditional sodium lighting, to modern LED lighting, which in turn reduced energy costs across the board.Through the use of cutting-edge LED lighting, Grato Light constantly strives to take an environmentally conscious approach, by conserving energy whenever possible.

Grato City Center

Developed in 2012, Grato City Center is comprised of 4,500 square meters of retail space. Anchored by Georgia’s largest consumer electronics retail provider-ElitElectronics. Grato City Center is smartly located in the Saburtalo district, which is city’s most denselypopulated central district.

Grato Greenhouses

Grato Greenhouse is a project that was developed jointly with Dutch investors. The company grows and cultivates a wide selection of flowers and plants that are then sold through our distribution channels throughout the country. Today, we are the largest flower and plant producer in Georgia. Grato Greenhouses also import a variety of plants from Italy, Spain and Netherland’s. In addition, we provide our clients with design, supply and decoration services for their private gardens. In total, our greenhouse spans 10, 000 square meters with an additional   5,000 square meters of outdoor space allocated for outdoor plants.


Fabrika complex is a project that came via a joint venture between Grato and the Georgian hoteliers Adjara Group. Fabrika is a mixed-use property housed in a renovated former Soviet-era textile factory. The centerpiece of the complex is a modern, cutting-edge hostel that features nearly 100 rooms. The rest of the complex is filled out with a range of bars, cafés and a co-working space. Fabrika deftly combines the urban cool of Berlin with the friendly hospitable spirit of Georgia. Grato developed the concept, design and construction of the complex and currently undertakes the supervision of the complex’s daily operations.

Wyndham Grand Tbilisi

Grato has developed a five-star luxury hotel located on Rustaveli Avenue. The hotel is operated by the international hotelier Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. Hotel features 140 rooms, a presidential suite, an outdoor pool and spa, as well as a range of conference rooms for business clients. This new and exciting project has been developed by Grato in tandem with the hotel’s foreign investors.